Saturday, November 30, 2013

Turkey Trot Success

November 2013 - 4.4 Mile Turkey Trot! Although we were facing 14 degree weather after much googling and forum advice, I ran in the cold and kept feeling in my feet.. most of the time.  There was much laughter as I did everything that was recommended to me.  I switched from my beloved minimalist glove shoes, my Merrell's, to my favorite trail running minimalist shoe the Vivobarefoot!  Then I got the air activated heat warmers shaped like a foot and put them in there, wearing a pair of my husbands wool socks and the ever so classy plastic grocery bag around each foot.. READY.  Oh wait I also had a pair of my husbands wind breaking pants over my one good pair of running pants designed to keep you warm and 3 layers.. hat.. ear muffs.. oh and Mittens each containing a heat pack!  We started running and I had to remove the mittens my hands were sweating that much!  I finished 14th in my age group and it was jammed up in spots where you had to stop as people walked across an icey bridge, so if I hadn't been I think I could've timed even better!  I did lose feeling in each big toe so my recipe still was not perfect but they came back around mile 3 and I managed to outpace the hubby by 3+ minutes.  Of course in my multiple layers I felt awfully stupid as I crossed the finish line next to Underpants Man, literally wearing nothing but boxerbriefs, sneakers/socks and a cape!  Wonder if he had issues???   And as always I had my phone in my iSportsbra its like a comfortable buddy sometimes I have to put my hand over there make sure its still there!!

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